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DRAMAtical Murder is ruining my life.

hey what's up! you can call me hedj, myco, vespa, whatever you want honestly. i am not picky. i'm 24 years old and pretty much a hobbit. this is a personal blog where i post art and reblog things, etc.

i'm into stuff like webcomics, video games, Pokemon, The Protomen, mushrooms, music, deep sea life, crafting, and drawing.

i also post about social justice stuff sometimes, like feminism, racism, and GSRM issues. it's by no means the main focus of my blog, but if it gets on your nerves, you might not want to follow me.

i don't post nsfw stuff often, and when i do i tag it accordingly. but this blog has a lot of swears. i have a potty mouth. hwoops

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#art #music #video #plague doctor bc #video games

rapidly flashing or blinking gifs will be tagged #epilepsy warning or #seizure warning!

24th October 2013

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these socks rule

these socks rule

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